After 10 years of having the privilege to focus full-time on my family, I’m back to work. Knowing I would return to work and looking forward to this season, I’ve spent time refining my professional values and establishing tenets about work-life balance.  I have felt the freedom to choose a second career that aligns with my values and interests. Experience and age are advantageous qualities, and I like to think they’ve brought a little wisdom into my life.

I’m fortunate to have had positive work experiences in my former positions in politics, marketing for a local company, church ministry and as Director of The Governor’s Residence. These jobs have helped establish an expectation of a healthy work environment and contributing to the welfare of others. I knew when I returned to work it would have to check the boxes I had defined:

  • Positive & supportive work environment
  • Meaningful work
  • Impact on and care for others
  • A focus on integrity

I had not actively been looking at the financial services industry, but a fortuitous connection eventually led to a conversation with Michael Johnson. What I learned in that conversation led me to a broader knowledge of a financial management philosophy that aligned with my own personal philosophy: Caring for people and serving them with integrity in an important area of their lives has impact and makes a difference.

What has quickly become evident to me is that this work matters… a lot. The relationships I see amongst the Flagstone team and clients, and those that I’m beginning to establish, are genuine and caring. The knowledge, expertise and attention-to-detail of my colleagues is remarkably broad and used to benefit others. There is an impact on many levels, and it is apparent to me that this firm goes much deeper than just managing financial assets for clients. The philosophy of Flagstone Financial Management is based on caring about people and their life experiences. I feel privileged to be doing what I am and learning this industry, and I look forward to meeting many more Flagstone clients and friends.

As for who I am? I grew up in Kearney, Nebraska and attended The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning a B.S. in Psychology. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Matt, and the love of my life. We have three delightful kids- Sam, Josie and Stella, and our Husky-Lab mix, Rory. My favorite time is spent with them, particularly exploring in nature and traveling within the U.S. and internationally.

The thing that drives me most are relationships. I don’t want to have just passing interactions, I want to get to know who people are, their history, what they’re passionate about and then make connections to how their make-up relates to their needs. My hope is that each person I encounter feels genuinely valued and cared for, whether in brief interaction or in deeper relationship.

I am especially drawn to water, in both frozen and liquid form. I love snow-skiing, ice-skating, sledding with my family, waterskiing, kayaking, open water swimming… the list doesn’t end! I like to grow personally and challenge myself in work and play. A goal of mine is to learn to sail- yes, in land-locked Nebraska!