Hello, there. I’m thrilled to have joined this group of experienced people as the newest member of the operations team. Here’s a little about me.

Born and raised in western Nebraska, I have a love for wide-open spaces, especially the sunrises and sunsets granted by an uninterrupted horizon. Without a doubt, I’m a farmer’s daughter at heart; however, I’ve happily called Lincoln home since 2004. The capital city has been good to us, and my husband and I are thankful for the opportunity to raise our children here.

Speaking of children, I have two: a son, Ethan, and a daughter, Lauren. Ethan attends the United States Naval Academy and if all goes well, he’ll graduate with a job and no debt. Lucky for Lauren, that means there is still some money in the 529 plan. She’s a sophomore at Lincoln Southeast and says she wants to go to college somewhere warm. Time will tell if her current Plan A (marry rich) comes to pass.

Professionally, I’ve been blessed with a wide variety of occupations, each one allowing for personal growth and the opportunity to care for others: babysitter, waitress, receptionist, high school teacher, speech coach, play director, copyeditor, substitute teacher, paralegal, and law firm administrator. I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, and even though my career path took me out of the classroom, my love of learning persists. Thus, I am excited to learn more about financial services, and my goal is to pass the Series 65 exam.

Before becoming a Flagstone employee, I was a Flagstone client. Michael and Dan have given me and my husband Brian confidence that we’re on track with our financial goals. I was always impressed with how well they listened, how much they remembered, and how keenly they made the conversation about us, not our portfolio. (Chantel, Operations at Flagstone, unpaid testimonial, 1/30/2022)

I grew up eating oatmeal. The family budget simply didn’t allow for the likes of Frosted Flakes and Cap’n Crunch on a regular basis. Early in our marriage, my husband and I joked that we measured our wealth by the number of name-brand cereal boxes in our cupboard. Admittedly, our definition of wealth has evolved over the past 25 years together, but I still feel rich when I sit down to a bowl of Honey Smacks from time to time.

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