We would like to introduce our newest intern, Ethan Cox. While Ethan was searching for financial planning firms in Lincoln, he came upon Flagstone Financial Management and decided this looked like a place he would like to work – a small independent firm where he would have a unique experience working for experienced professionals. He reached out to Michael, and weeks later he began his internship with Flagstone.

If you’re a Flagstone client, you might be interacting with Ethan over the next couple of months, so we though you’d like to hear a little about him. Directly from him, here’s some information about his background, what he’s up to at UNL, and what he’s doing at Flagstone:

Hi! I’m Ethan Cox, the current intern at Flagstone Financial Management. Following a couple moves from Ohio and Iowa, my family settled down in Blair, Nebraska where I attended Blair High. I chose to pursue my education and athletic career at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln out of high school. I’m currently playing football for the Huskers (GBR!) and majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. I’m heading into my junior year, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2021. I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Finance upon graduation and entering the workforce. Being a student-athlete at the University of Nebraska has pushed me past limits I never imagined possible while creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I’m very fortunate to have a couple of amazing parents and a pretty cool little sister (don’t tell her I said that). I find comfort in winding down from a busy schedule and enjoy golfing, fishing, hunting, boating and spending time with my friends in my leisure time.

Financial planning has always been an area of interest for myself when looking at future career paths. I’ve been interning at Flagstone since the start of the summer, and this experience has given me a great insight into the world of financial planning. I truly enjoy coming to work every day and love learning new information through projects from Dan and Michael. I’ve learned about the process and protocol our advisors take toward investing while forming reports based around this information. Seeing first-hand how financial plans are formed is awesome, and I’ve even been able to sit in client meetings. I’ve also learned how a financial institution such as Flagstone is managed and how their culture is represented in the outstanding work they do. Being a part of Flagstone is something for which I’m very fortunate, as this staff has been equipping me with the many different skills I will need to be successful in this field. The team here goes above and beyond for their clients, in their work, and for each other. I’m very confident that this experience is one I will draw things from in my future endeavors and am grateful Flagstone was willing to take me under their wing this summer!