When I was 12 years old, I remember walking through neighborhoods, doorstep to doorstep, meeting complete strangers yet walking away feeling a sense of comfort. As my Dad was campaigning to become a Nebraska Regent, I learned from an early age that Nebraska is full of people who genuinely care. These strangers we approached during the campaign would invite us into their homes and treated us like friends. They voiced their concerns and opinions on various issues and listened to my dad’s ideas. Even when people disagreed with each other, they were always respectful. There’s a reason Midwesterners are known for being nice. There’s something about them that comes across as kind, and it makes me proud being a part of such a tight community.

I’ve been a part of the community from the start. I was born and raised in good ole’ Lincoln, Nebraska. I graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2018 with a degree in marketing and have been in the financial planning profession since 2016.  I started off as an intern not knowing what I wanted to do during life after college, but quickly learned that I was passionate about financial planning. Financial planning is so much more than simply “investing”. It’s about looking at someone’s entire financial picture to understand how the smaller decisions effect each other and the bigger picture. Of course, financial planning involves investing, but it also involves taxes, insurance, estate issues and more. But perhaps most importantly, financial planning is about finding better ways to pursue goals and feel confident in our financial decisions so that we can take care of people we love, get organized, have more discretionary time to pursue what really fulfills us, and worry less about our money.

My passion for financial planning and my love for a close-knit community feel is why I decided to join Flagstone.  It’s apparent that the culture and service provided by my colleagues at Flagstone is exceptional, and it reminds me of my home roots. The relationships that I’m seeing between my colleagues and our clients are strong and long-lasting. Having worked at Flagstone for just a few weeks, I am already beyond excited to continue working with a group that goes above and beyond for their clients and the client experience.  I’m excited to further nurture the client relationships that are already established, and to eventually play a lead role with new clients to ensure they feel the confidence and clarity that comes from quality advice.